It only makes sense that November is National Gratitude Month. With Thanksgiving anchoring the month, it’s a great time to take a step back think of everything we are grateful for – and no more year is that more important than this one. As we were making our gratitude list, the beautiful outdoors and especially the lake was on it.

So, here are 5 reasons we are thankful for the Lake.

  1. Fresh: Jumping off the dock and floating around in the water is an ideal way to spend a day on the lake. The best part? It doesn’t even cost a dime.
  2. Activity: You don’t have to even be on the water to enjoy the lake and outdoors. Find a hiking trail, playground, waterside picnic spot at
  3. Warmth: The warmth of the fire and stories told around them help bring us all together.
  4. Memories: Whether its board games, home cooked family dinners or just having the whole crew in the same place – Memories made at the lake are truly priceless.
  5. Peace: There aren’t many things more breathtaking than a fiery red and orange sunset over the water. Watching it with the people you love most is just an added bonus.