Nature’s Way Preserve Trail on Lake Martin

We invite you to come enjoy the beauty of Lake Martin and experience this wonderful new addition!

Introducing Nature’s Way! This 74-acre park preserved and protected by Alabama Power is the newest addition to the growing number of Preserves properties found on lakes all over the state. This property, open and free to the public, features nature trails, lake overlooks and interpretive signs to help people get out, enjoy the lake and learn more about their natural environment.

Nature’s Way is an ideal companion to Kennebec as the 41 lot development offers private, wooded homesites with design guidelines for the homes inspired by the natural landscape. The development vision for Kennebec is to keep as much of the beauty that surrounds Lake Martin intact, while nestling sensitively designed homes into the landscape. The nature trails at Nature’s Way are located within walking distance from Kennebec homes creating  a unique amenity to visit time and again a short walk from each home.

Two features to look for while hiking at Nature’s Way are The Perch and The Overlook.

The Perch is crafted primarily from Osage Orange that is native to the Southeastern United States. It is one of the hardest and densest woods in North America and very resistant to rot. It was used by early pioneers for fence posts and wagon wheels because of its long life and durability. The strong, yet flexible wood also made superior-quality bows utilized by Native Americans.

The Overlook (pictured below) is positioned for a great view of the lake. To get to it, you have to enjoy our hiking trails, but once there, it is the perfect spot to watch the wildlife, sit and listen to the trees and take a break.

Other Preserves properties are found on Alabama Power lakes statewide. Each has been developed as an amenity designed for everyone to enjoy and get the most of the lake lifestyle – even if they don’t own a lake home. Most Preserves feature trails like those found at Nature’s Way, with some also featuring fishing piers, swimming holes, playgrounds, picnic grounds and boat launches. Visit one or all and look for more opening up in the years to come.

Contact: Miller Dark for more information.

Miller Dark/ / 256-750-3030.