Welcome to our Architect Spotlight series, where we will be periodically featuring each of Kennebec’s preferred architects and showcasing some of their past projects. Today we are highlighting Atlanta, GA based architect, Bill Ingram.


Since its founding in 1995, Bill Ingram Architecture (BIA) has blown us all away with their beautiful homes. From the time Bill Ingram was old enough to play with his Legos and Lincoln Logs he knew that he wanted to make homes and buildings for a living. From the earliest he can remember, he has found architecture fascinating. Bill himself, was recently named by Veranda magazine as ADAC’s Southeast Architect of the Year. BIA has been published in many publications such as House Beautiful, Veranda, Southern Accents, Southern Living 2013 House of the Year, adn Atlanta Homes of Lifestyles.

Creative Approach to Design:

As an Atlanta-based firm, they begin their projects the old-fashioned way: at the drawing board, with a pencil and paper, where he hand sketches every detail. The company prides themselves in their passion for historical homes and period details, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t afraid to add some contemporary touches! Most of his homes appear much larger than they actually are, with traditional formal elements brightened by a few modern touches here and there.

In an interview with Southern Edition Bill describes his most frequent approach when building for a new client, “I would always opt to build smaller if you need to and use your money for quality materials that will hold up over time…A well-designed quality space well furnished is so much more appealing to me than just filling up a space with stuff.”


Not only is he highly qualified with a brilliant team of experts on his back, he has hands-on experience working around the Lake Martin area itself, given that he built his own home there about a decade ago!

Past Projects