One steadfast focus of Kennebec is our stewardship of the land. When setting out to develop the 41 lots that make up the project, we wanted large lots with ample water frontage and exquisite big water views, but we didn’t want it to feel like a subdivision found in the suburbs of a city.

The design team took extra care in preserving as much natural state of the land as possible. Roads are carved atop ridges and through the forest following the natural contours of the land. Homesites are tucked under tall pines and mature hardwoods and many lots slope gently to the water.

While overall land planning was important to the vision, the design team paid special attention to two areas in particular:

  1. The Entry

The entry is designed to appear as if visitors are coming upon a private estate. Stone pillars hold large timber-framed gates and the Kennebec brand is tastefully treated and applied, again as if you were coming up to private land.

  1. Ends of the roads

The ends of each road are terminated in garden spaces. While Kennebec is designed with large wooded lots offering owners great privacy, the gardens provide a gathering space for those wanting to visit with their neighbors. As they mature, they also provide an added buffer by softening what would otherwise be an expanse of asphalt.