When we set out to craft Kennebec, we knew we needed to do something different. But, to be different, we actually looked back to what has been done before Kennebec – way back.

To determine and create a design language for Kennebec, we began with an assessment of cherished family retreats found not just on Lake Martin, but other places where families have been going to relax, recharge and enjoy the outdoors for generations. Many of these were on the water – Lake Burton in Georgia, the Finger Lakes region in New York and Nantucket among others, but some were not – Highlands and Cashiers, North Carolina, the Adirondacks and Monteagle, Tennessee. Through this research, themes began to emerge.

Architecture is largely unpretentious. The homes are designed to bring people together and offer places to gather – large open family rooms and wide porches. The materials used in the homes people loved most were all honest and true. This means that builders used real stone quarried nearby and timber and lumber of local species to form the structures. Colors are most typically muted so the landscape around the homes can take prominence and while likely done out of necessity when many of the inspirational homes were built, structural elements almost always are a quality of the craftsmanship found within.

What wasn’t found was a textbook style of architecture at any place. Sure, there were elements of this or that, but each took on their own form and was adapted to specifics of their site. So, that’s what we did for Kennebec – weave together our own style drawing on the themes that emerged from our research.

Now, with homes coming out of the ground, what we built in theory and in words with our design guide is coming to life. We believe seeing them is the best example of the vision for Kennebec.

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