Welcome to our Architect Spotlight series, where we will be periodically featuring each of Kennebec’s preferred architects and showcasing some of their past projects. Today we are highlighting Alabama based architect, Louis Nequette.


Louis Nequette, the founder and Chief Architect of Nequette Architecture & Design, earned his bachelor’s degree at Auburn University’s School of Architecture. He has put together an impressive team of architects and interior designers to help make your dream home come to life. For all of you who are nature-savvy, Nequette A&D has joined Alabama Power Company and Daniel Communities to create a neighborhood focused on the preservation of the natural landscape that encompasses Kennebec.

Creative Approach to Design:

Should you choose Nequette A&D, your home will be comfortable and warm and have a connection with the outdoors. With the Kennebec homes the firm’s style is inspired by camp met with the original camp cottages that were on Alabama Power’s land many years ago.

As for the nuts and bolts of the home—they will use natural stone, woods and glass that will reflect the surrounding landscape and open living spaces to views of the woods and the lake.

In something that they call “distinctive collaboration.” To the firm, distinctive collaboration is a combination of their three core values: honesty, humility and beauty—instead of faulting one another in their weaknesses, they use their diverse strengths to adhere to their values to create a powerful team and beautiful homes. Distinctive collaboration is not just shared with the co-workers, but also with their clients, builders, developers and property owners.

In an interview with al.com, Nequette was asked what he’d consider his architecture style to be, in which he responds, “what we strive for is to create timelessness through materiality…so that it’s rooted in historical precedence…when we start to apply architectural style to a project, we really are searching for what the context is—what’s the location, what’s the surrounding community like.”

Past Projects