Welcome to our Architect Spotlight series, where we will be periodically featuring each of Kennebec’s preferred architects and showcasing some of their past projects. Today we are highlighting Birmingham, AL based architect, Paul Bates.


Paul Bates earned his BA in architecture at Auburn University’s School of Architecture and founded his own residential architecture and design studio based in Birmingham, AL, in 2000. The team mainly works on projects that have to do with Residential Architect, Home Renovation and Furniture Designing. The studio’s work can be found in magazines such as Southern Living, Milieuand Birmingham Home and Garden. He’s had projects in places all over the country: Mountain Brook, AL, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Palm Beach, FL, Alys Beach and Lake Martin.

Creative Approach to Design:

The firm prides themselves on their rural and agrarian sense of style with an eye towards the simplicity of a home. Whether it be the exterior design of the home, or the furniture that goes inside, Paul and his team’s work is grounded by tradition with a modern point of view. Paul Bates Architecture is an excellent team to reach out to if you’re looking to design a home with open floor plans (both inside and out) and large windows—giving the home a less claustrophobic, tight feeling and a more laid back, refreshing one.

Past Projects