Welcome to our Architect Spotlight series, where we will be periodically featuring each of Kennebec’s preferred architects and showcasing some of their past projects. Today we are highlighting Charlotte, NC based architect firm, Ruard Veltman Architecture.


Ruard Veltman, Principal Architect of Ruard Veltman Architecture Inc. (RVA), started his own firm in 2005 based in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a studio space in Bald Head Island, North Carolina after being mentored by McArthur Genius Samuel Mockobee at Auburn University’s School of Architectural Rural Studio. Adding to his list of experience, Veltman has trained with and worked under the prestigious architect, author and entrepreneur, Bobby McAlpine. RVA decided to incorporate an interior design division, Veltman Wood Interiors, as well as a custom furniture division, Velton Meubles, to further expand he and his team’s area of expertise. The team of six has served in areas all over the country: Charlotte NC, Nashville TN, Beverly Hills CA, Bronxville NC, New Orleans LA, Columbia SC, Indianapolis IN and Rosemary Beach, FL. They have been published in over 30 periodicals, 10 books and can be found in two exhibits—the National Building Museum in Washington DC and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Creative Approach to Design:

The best way to describe RVA’s style for future lake home owners would be by describing how he re-designed his own mountain-like home in Bald Head Island NC, where he and his family go to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Ruard first spoke to Southern Living about how he had turned his front porch into a screened in outdoor dining room—since mosquitoes and woods go hand in hand, he wanted to be able to create a space where his family could enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the bugs. He describes his kitchen as “a portal to the outside” in the sense that the window above the sink acts as a backsplash with a single oversize window without mullions. The entirety of the home, both interior and exterior, is painted in a deep olive-gray color in which he explains, “it’s dark on purpose, to be like a mountain cabin.” Apart from the rest of the house, the walls in the master bedroom are white—which was intentional, he wanted the master to be a break from all of the dark, for it to “look like the light at the end of the tunnel.” Much of what Ruard designed for his Bald Head Island home could and should, be taken into account should you choose to work with RVA for your home on Lake Martin. He and his team create homes that are simplistic but beautiful. They are homes that look like they grew out of the ground as opposed to a modern, white contemporary home that was dropped into the forest. If you were to go to the RVA Facebook page, their rating is a 4.9 out of 5. One of the reviews says, “Ruard is truly a master of design. With amazing clarity, he creates extraordinary atmospheres that few can rival. His penchant for even the most subtle of detail is unparalleled.”


Past Projects